German-American Social Club

of Cape Coral, Florida

Become a Member

How to become a member of The GASC:

Our club is open to all persons without regard to race, creed, culture or ethnic background. 

The purpose of the German American Social Club of Cape Coral according to its Bylaws is “to promote good fellowship (Gemütlichkeit) and provide its members with the opportunity for group enjoyment of activities based on songs and traditional celebrations of German social life.” And further “to hold traditional German festivities such as the Oktoberfest and Carnival/Fasching/Mardi Gras costume balls each year as well as German-Style Barvarian Gartenfests.

All club activities rely on the Volunteering of our members. The GASC has many committees that serve the club in various ways. You will be invited to Volunteer on one of the committees. The New Membership Committee will be explaining  the various volunteer opportunities available to you.  

Please fill out the form below and our Membership Coordinator will reach out to you with more info. 

Annual Dues are $50. However, first year’s dues will be prorated to the month you join.