German-American Social Club

of Cape Coral, Florida

Special Election

The 1st Vice President, Steve Bauer, has resigned, and the Board of Directors decided that the membership shall hold a special election to fill this vacant position as soon as possible. All eligible candidates have been contacted, and a special election will take place at the March General Meeting.

Wolf-Rüdiger Pech

My wife Melanie and I moved to Cape Coral 2013. We attended the Octoberfest in 2014 and seeing all the volunteers working I decided to help and joined the beautification team. We became members of the club in 2015.

Loving this country we wanted to become citizens what we are since 2020. In 2018 the members of the beautification team voted me to be the chairperson and that’s what I am. I served 4 years on the board as director.

Very interested in the future of our club I decided to run for the position as 1. Vice president for this position is too important to be vacant. I’m willing to bring in ideas for the future of our club and new developments. Thank you for your votes and trust in me.

Susie Zimmer

A member since 2011, I’ve served as your Anzeiger Editor, your Float Chair, four years on the Board as your Secretary, Kulturgesellschaft Chair, and I’ve been on the UGAS Board since 2016.

My efforts have always been towards underlining our purpose of stimulating interest in German culture and customs. As Publicity Chair, I’ve successfully negotiated several advertising deals and sponsorships.

My strengths lie in bridging differences, finding common ground, and team building. Within our club, we have many talents that have yet to be utilized. I hope to uncover them in support of our overall mission.

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